Always Looking Forward – a Column by Alexus Jones


Alexus writes about her experience with Huntington’s disease. Alexus is all too familiar with the disease: her grandfather and mother have it, and she recently learned she does, too. Alexus graduated from MIT with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and minors in health policy and management. Currently, she’s working in life science consulting in the Boston area.

Huntington’s Is Not My Secret

A few months ago, my boyfriend’s Philosophy of Technology class planned a debate about the ethics of gene editing. I told him that I was a perfect case study to bring up since gene editing opens avenues for a potential Huntington’s disease cure.

What Family Means to Me

Growing up, my grandparents and I drove every summer from Florida to Pennsylvania to visit our extended family. I spent time with their siblings, nieces, and nephews who still lived in the state. I adored my family, and in turn, they adored me. At the time, family was…

Yeah, It Could be Worse, but So What?

“It could be worse” is a sentiment I hear fairly often. It’s often said after I express sympathy for someone’s situation — such as when someone worked until 10 p.m. instead of leaving at 6. It’s as if the sympathy is unwarranted because it wasn’t the absolute worst…

How Huntington’s Affects My View of Christmas

Every family, regardless of religion or background, has at least one time of year that is special to them. A time when they get together and celebrate, repeating rituals that have been passed down through the generations. For my family, that time is…