Always Looking Forward – a Column by Alexus Jones


Alexus writes about her experience with Huntington’s disease. Alexus is all too familiar with the disease: her grandfather and mother have it, and she recently learned she does, too. Alexus graduated from MIT with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and minors in health policy and management. Currently, she’s working in life science consulting in the Boston area.

Should I Get a Huntington’s Tattoo?

When I was a sophomore in college, I debated going blond. It was January, and every winter, I usually cut or dye my hair. I always need a change of pace during winter. Normally, I go with red or black, and my mom can easily dye my hair.

Striving to Be as Carefree as a Kitten

I have been working from home since March and likely will continue to do so until next summer. Persephone, my first cat, has loved this. She’s always been pretty needy, mostly because of her extreme fear of missing out. Anytime my boyfriend or I shut the…

I’ve Learned to Focus on Living in the Moment

I spent about two months weighing the pros and cons of getting bangs again. On one hand, bangs work well with the shape of my face and eyes. On the other, I’d have to wash them every morning. They’re are a lot of work, and getting them is a commitment…

My Support Network Keeps Me Sane

During college, I always joked with my friends that I would drop out of school to open a bar in Canada (I prefer their healthcare system). MIT was very stressful, and my reaction to unenjoyable situations is to want to escape. Based on…