A lazy Saturday gave us a chance to enjoy life’s simple pleasures

Embracing a day of relaxation helped us fight the challenges of HD

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Recently, as I sat on the couch enjoying the sound and smell of my wife Jill’s tea brewing, I thought about life’s simple pleasures. Normally, Saturdays are packed with all the chores and errands we didn’t do during the week, but not this day. The only thing on our agenda was to relax and momentarily set aside the weight of the world, which includes the heaviness of Jill’s Huntington’s disease (HD) diagnosis.

Lazy Saturdays are rare, but they’re something we look forward to. Not only do we like to unwind on days like these, but they’re also an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. As Jill curled up next to me on the couch, I was reminded of the profound love we share, which will help us get through whatever our future may hold.

Though HD is a harsh reality that hangs over us like a menacing thundercloud, on this particular Saturday we decided to focus on the little things. For instance, when Jill reached out to hold my hand, I noticed how her long fingers are always cold and my shorter ones are always warmer. But when we interlocked our fingers, her hand became warmer, mine didn’t seem as short, and we felt a magical sense of unity.

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A perfect day

Our lazy day was just what we needed. Jill has trouble sleeping, so she often cleans our home at night and doesn’t get enough sleep. Meanwhile, I work a hectic job with lots of tight deadlines to deal with. We could feel the fatigue and stress melting away with each smile and laugh we experienced.

And then, to make the day even more enjoyable, we spent hours listening to our Spotify playlists and talking about what each song meant to us, how it made us feel, or where we were the first time we heard it. In those moments, it was easy to forget the challenges we face beyond the confines of our cozy couch.

I smiled each time Jill’s face lit up when she told me why she loves each song on her playlist. I’ve never known someone who loves music — meaning, every single song on her list — as much as she does, and she’s admitted to me that she thinks it’s sweet that I get immense enjoyment out of the seven songs that are on my playlist.

At a certain point, we were startled to notice the living room had gotten dark. It was 8 p.m., and I realized that we had gone the whole day without wondering what time it was — a rare occurrence for us, as we tend to pack a lot of errands and chores into the weekend.

In other words, what a perfect day. I found solace in the knowledge that, no matter what tomorrow may bring, Jill and I will face it together, hand in hand, with the sound of music in our hearts.

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Lou Mongan

Dear HD friends, I read your upbeat stories about your lives together thinking of my beloved grandmother Josie who lived with my grandpa next door to the home I grew up in. There was always so much love and attention in their home for their children and grandchildren, such a wonderful supportive union. Grandpa died before Josie did; later she privately confessed to me: “I miss him yet.” I am very grateful to Grandpa these many years later for marrying Josie and helping make her life so full of love and meaning.


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