A Valentine’s Day Love Letter to My Dear Wife

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by Carlos Briceño |

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In honor of Valentine’s Day last year, I wrote my wife a love letter. I’ve decided this will be a tradition, so following is another one.

Dear Jill,

Last February, COVID-19 was on the cusp of steamrolling the world. Little did we know that in March, you would become sicker than anyone I’ve ever witnessed. We will never know if you actually had the coronavirus, because no tests were available. But you had all the symptoms of it, and I’m grateful that despite suffering for two weeks, you survived.

Normally, once people overcome a serious threat to their health, they breathe a sigh of a relief. Unfortunately, we couldn’t. You are still gene-positive for Huntington’s disease. Unless there is a cure, that illness will not go away.

As horrible as COVID-19 has been, there has been a silver lining to the pandemic. The various lockdowns and the opportunities for both of us to work remotely have been a major blessing in our lives. Over the past year, we have spent months together at home.

I have loved every minute of it.

Time has become so precious to me. As a result, I love spending time with you. The increased time together means more memories. More conversations. More opportunities to laugh, to hold hands, to roll your eyes about one of my puns.

I learned at a young age that no matter how bad a situation may be, there’s always some good in it. As bad as COVID-19 has been for many people in many parts of the world, as terrible as you felt when you had it and when I had it later last year, as sad as it is that you have a rare disease that will cause you to suffer greatly in the years ahead, good is always present.

And because of how much fun we have together, and how much I adore and love you, I see the increased time we spend together as incredibly good. I cling to that good. It gives me energy. It increases my joy. It makes me dwell not on the cup that is half-empty (your disease), but on the cup that is half-full (our love).

As I mentioned last February, you do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, I won’t make a big deal out of it, except to say this: I am grateful for your spirit, your brilliant mind, your simplicity in life, your joy, your love of family, your heart, your beauty, your smile, your fabulous sense of humor, your intelligence, your courage.

Every second with you fills me with gratitude that you are by my side. We shall fight your illness the same way we fought COVID-19: together, with great resilience.

As I end this letter, I realize you will roll your eyes at what I am about to write. (As your chief pundit, I consider your eye-rolling a sign of patience with me, which is a big sign of love.) I wish you a happy and punderful Valentine’s Day.

With much love,



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