Always Looking Forward – a Column by Alexus Jones


Alexus writes about her experience with Huntington’s disease. Alexus is all too familiar with the disease: her grandfather and mother have it, and she recently learned she does, too. Alexus graduated from MIT with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and minors in health policy and management. Currently, she’s working in life science consulting in the Boston area.

Why I Hate Being Asked, ‘How Are You?’

“How are you?” is one of the most common greetings I hear. It is ingrained in the culture and is distinctly American. Unless the person is a close friend, the anticipated answer is “good” or “fine.” If you are feeling terrible, “a little sick”…

These Are the Memories That Last

Today, I was opening a straw for my drink the way I always do: I rip off a small section toward one end, then remove the longer end of the wrapper. While holding the shortened wrapper, I insert the bare end of the straw into the cup…