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Enrollment Completed for Phase 2 Trial Testing VX15/2503 in Early and Late Prodromal Huntington’s Patients

Vaccinex has completed its target enrollment in a Phase 2 clinical trial assessing the potential of the investigational antibody VX15/2503 (pepinemab) as a treatment for patients with early manifest and late prodromal (before clinical diagnosis) Huntington’s disease. The ongoing trial (NCT02481674), known as SIGNAL, is the first to investigate a…

Gene Therapy VY-HTT01 Can Protect Brain Cells from Damage Caused by HTT Faulty Gene, Results Show

One-time delivery of Voyager Therapeutics’ lead candidate gene therapy, VY-HTT01, effectively reduced the levels of the faulty gene responsible for Huntington’s disease in important brain areas of non-human large primates. These positive preclinical results, together with other ongoing studies, are expected to support the submission of an investigational new…

Experts Seeking Tools to Assess Effectiveness of Targeted Huntington’s Therapies

Improved measures to accurately determine the effectiveness of treatments targeting Huntington’s disease are necessary, according to clinical neurologists and Huntington’s specialists. The editorial, “Improved metrics for Huntington’s disease trials,” reflects on recent advances made for the development of targeted agents that can effectively change the course of Huntington’s disease.

Apathy Linked to Physical, Cognitive and Behavioral Disability in Huntington’s Patients, Study Finds

Apathy is linked to physical, cognitive, and behavioral impairments in patients with Huntington’s disease, a study shows. The study, “Relationships Among Apathy, Health-Related Quality of Life, and Function in Huntington’s Disease,” was published in The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences. Huntington’s disease is characterized by…