A Punny Valentine’s Day Play for My Honey

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For the past two years, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I have written a love letter in this space to my wife, Jill, who has Huntington’s disease. This year, instead of a Valentine’s Day letter, I’ve decided to write her a love play.

It goes like this:

[Carlos makes a cellphone call.]

Carlos: I’d like to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day.

Hostess: How many, sir?

Carlos: One.

Hostess: What time?

Carlos: 7 p.m.

Hostess: Under what name, sir?

Carlos: Carlos.

Hostess: OK, you’re all set. We’ll see you then.

Carlos: Thank you.

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[Cut to a nice restaurant. COVID-19 and Huntington’s disease (HD) enter.]

COVID-19: Hi, I made a reservation.

Hostess: What’s your name, sir?


[Hostess pulls a mask out of her pocket and puts it on.]

Hostess: Right this way.

[COVID-19 coughs as he walks. The two sit down.]

COVID-19: This is excellent. No one’s wearing a mask in here.

HD: You must love it when that happens.

COVID-19: I bet I just infected that entire family sitting over there.

HD: Maybe they’re vaccinated and boosted.

COVID-19: I hate those words.

[Carlos and Jill enter the restaurant. Carlos is wearing a Wired magazine T-shirt. HD stares at them.]

COVID-19: Why are you staring? Do you recognize them?

HD: Her.

[Carlos speaks to the hostess.]

Carlos: Reservation for one.

HD: I know her.

Hostess: Name?

HD: And her daughter.

Carlos: Carlos.

Hostess: I see it here. But it just says for one.

Carlos: Jill and I are two souls with one heart.

Jill: I have to apologize for my husband. He’s a romantic. And he likes puns.

Carlos: That wasn’t a pun, Jill. I’m just bad at math.

Jill: He’s also bad at jokes.

Hostess: This way, please.

[Hostess sits Jill and Carlos next to COVID-19’s table.]

COVID-19: I recognize both of them.

HD: You infected them both?

COVID-19: Yup. But she got it really bad.

HD: You’re losing your touch, COVID-19.

COVID-19: I can’t get everyone I infect to disappear.

HD: That’s how you call it?

COVID-19: I can’t help it, I like magic.

[Carlos and Jill sit down.]

Jill: This place is beautiful.

Carlos: Just like you, my dear.

Jill: I’m surprised you didn’t dress up a little bit.

Carlos: You don’t like my T-shirt?

Jill: It’s not that dressy.

Carlos: It is comfy, though.

[HD stares at Jill.]

COVID-19: Looks like you recognize her, too.

HD: I do.

COVID-19: I couldn’t make her disappear, but you can?

HD: Yes.

COVID-19: You must like magic, too.

HD: Nope, just making people suffer.

COVID-19: I admire you for that, but I’m still more effective.

HD: Yeah, more than 900,000 deaths in this country is nothing to sneeze at.

Carlos: I have a little surprise for you, my dear.

Jill: No more puns for a year?

Carlos: That’s not a surprise, that’s a tragedy.

Jill: You know I don’t like surprises.

Carlos: Well, it’s not a surprise, because I just gave you advance notice.

Jill: OK, the suspense is killing me. What’s the surprise that’s not a surprise anymore?

Carlos: I’m writing you a play.

Jill: A play without puns?

Carlos: A comedic play, not a tragedy.

Jill: OK.

Carlos: And because I’m the writer, I can make anything I want happen in the play.

Jill: OK.

Carlos: Like this.

[Four policemen enter the restaurant. They surround the table where COVID-19 and HD are sitting.]

Policeman #1: Freeze!

COVID-19: What the … ?

Jill: Carlos …

Policeman #2: Hands up!

Jill: Carlos, what’s going on?

COVID-19 [Holding a glass of wine]: What the … ?

Carlos: You’ll see, my dear.

Policeman #3: Hands where I can see them!

HD: What’s going on?

Policeman #4: Put down that glass of wine, or I will shoot!

Policeman #1: You’re under arrest.

COVID-19: Arrest? For what?!

Policeman #2: Murder, attempted murder, …

HD: Are you crazy? We’re just two guys eating dinner.

COVID-19: And drinking wine.

HD: Yeah, killers don’t drink wine!

[HD and COVID-19 are handcuffed.]

Policeman #3: We know who you are.

Carlos [To COVID-19]: Who’s disappearing now, Houdini?

Policeman #1: We know you admitted to killing, and attempting to kill, hundreds of thousands of people.

HD: How can you possibly know that?

Policeman #2: He was wired. [Points to Carlos.]

[Carlos lifts his Wired magazine T-shirt and shows Jill he’s wearing a wire.]

Jill: OK, so that explains why you were wearing that T-shirt.

Policeman #3: We heard everything you said.

Policeman #4: You have the right to remain silent …

[The policemen escort COVID-19 and HD out of the restaurant.]

Carlos: Now you know why I wrote this play, my love.

Jill: I know exactly why. You’re addicted to puns.

Carlos: No, I wrote it because it was therapeutic.

Jill: Your version of a cure.

Carlos: Exactly. And I got rid of COVID-19 as a bonus. They’ll be behind bars for years. They will never hurt you, or others, again.

Jill: Thank you, my dear.

[They kiss.]

Carlos: Happy Valentine’s Day, Jill!

The End.

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