Love Is the Mission

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by Carlos Briceño |

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I usually write about what life is like as a caregiver, along with my observations about how Huntington’s disease (HD) affects my family. I’ll do that in today’s column, too, but I’ve added a creative twist by writing a short play. It has two characters: one named HD, and me.

I realize that a disease can’t talk. But for the purposes of appeasing me, please imagine that it does in the following script.



Carlos: Why?

HD: Why what?

Carlos: Why do you have to be so evil?

HD: Why do you have to be so nosy?

Carlos: I’m a journalist.

HD: And a playwright as well?

Carlos: You still haven’t answered my question.

HD: I’m not evil. I’m a disease. I have no control over my behavior. I just do what I’m programmed to do.

Carlos: You will cause my wife and daughter to suffer. A lot.

HD: I can’t help myself.

Carlos: In my book, you’re cold.

HD: I’m made up of DNA.

Carlos: You’re vicious.

HD: I’m a functional unit of heredity.

Carlos: You’re evil.

HD: I’m a gene.

Carlos: You’re mean.

HD: Sticks and sighs …

Carlos: You’re cruel.

HD: Will not break my nucleotides.

Carlos: And I want you gone.

HD: Too bad you’re mad, but I’m here to stay. I’m on a mission.

Carlos: But why? Why attack and destroy my wife’s and daughter’s nervous systems and brain cells?

HD: Because that’s what I do.

Carlos: They will be helpless one day.

HD: People are born helpless, and they die helpless. It’s a fact of life, mister.

Carlos: And I hate how helpless you make me feel.

HD: I don’t feel, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Carlos: I can’t wait for a cure.

HD: So you can shut me up?

Carlos: No. So everyone with HD will have a chance not to have it.

HD: Good luck!

Carlos: But since there’s no cure, I think I know the best way to shut you up — and shut you down.


Carlos: We got off on the wrong foot.

HD: You think?

Carlos: I was frustrated.

HD: You were out of control.

Carlos: I was mad.

HD: And mean.

Carlos: I apologize.

HD: I accept your apology.

Carlos: I’m glad.

HD: So if you’re not going to yell at me, what do you want?

Carlos: I want to thank you.

HD: You’re welcome.

Carlos: I can be affirming at times, you know.

HD: I’m grateful.

Carlos: I want to thank you for reminding me that you’re a disease.

HD: Correct.

Carlos: You just do what you do, and you do it well.

HD: Thank you.

Carlos: Like a hammer.

HD: A hammer?

Carlos: A hammer is made to hit stuff.

HD: Exactly. They have their mission. I have mine.

Carlos: I respect that.

HD: Thank you.

Carlos: But I’m on a mission, too.

HD: What’s yours?

Carlos: To share with others that it’s OK to be angry about you.

HD: You’re very good at that.

Carlos: Thank you.

HD: I can be affirming, too.

Carlos: And I want to let others know that you have no power.

HD: I beg to differ.

Carlos: Anger is just love, misplaced.

HD: I’m extremely powerful.

Carlos: And you’re DNA that’s also been misplaced.

HD: I am not misplaced.

Carlos: Love is more powerful than anger and more powerful than you.

HD: I can wreck generations of families.

Carlos: You can also unite them.

HD: I cause psychosis.

Carlos: You can also create clarity by showing family members what’s really important in life.

HD: I am powerful.

Carlos: You are rare, but that doesn’t make you powerful.


Carlos: Love. Love is what’s more powerful.

HD: No!

Carlos: Love. If you had a soul, you would understand why. Love is the mission that never quits.

HD: You’re wrong!

Carlos: Love builds up. It endures. It inspires. It restores. It heals. It unites. It dignifies. It magnifies. It clarifies.

HD: Be quiet!

Carlos: Love is the mission of anyone and everyone who can’t stand you. Love is stronger than you.

HD: I said, SHUT UP!

Carlos: So, you’re wrong. You are not more powerful. Love is. The love that I have for my wife and daughter. The love our extended families have for them. The love that they have for me and others.

No matter what you do to them, you cannot destroy that love. Love is the mission of everyone who can’t stand you. Love cannot quit.

So, all who are reading this, if you have HD or are a caregiver, don’t quit. Know that love will give you the energy to keep going. Make love your mission.


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I have mild diffuse peripheral neuropathy. My neurologist told me I would probably have to take Lyrica, but I found a book on Amazon to cure it and also PT exercises by Bob & Brad that are very helpful in helping me regenerate my nerve cells. I think the HD code will be broken, drug studies will start and a cure will be found. My cousin had severe MS and now rides horses after getting help from a trial drug. Don't give up!

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Carlos Briceño

I'm glad to hear you are so proactive about healing from your diffuse perhipheral neuropathy. And that it's helping!
And I'm also glad to hear that your cousin is riding horses with the help of a trial drug. My family hopes for a cure or some drug that will help stop HD's worst aspects. So, we will not give up. Thank you for your kind and inspirational words!


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