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Magdalena is a writer with a passion for bridging the gap between the people performing research, and those who want or need to understand it. She writes about medical science and drug discovery. She holds an MS in Pharmaceutical Bioscience and a PhD — spanning the fields of psychiatry, immunology, and neuropharmacology — from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

Articles by Magdalena Kegel

Mitochondrial Energy Processes in Huntington’s May Be Normal After All

Mitochondrial abnormalities may not contribute to the degeneration of neurons in the striatum in patients with Huntington’s disease, according to a study that provides evidence contradicting several earlier findings. The study explored mitochondrial processes in a mouse model of Huntington’s disease and found that mitochondria from the striatum — the…

Numerous DNA Repeats Seen in Huntington’s May be Result of Gene Repair Effort

Researchers may finally have tracked down an explanation for expansions of three-letter DNA sequences that disrupt genes, and lead to Huntington’s disease and numerous other neuromuscular and neurodegenerative conditions. The study, “The role of break-induced replication in large-scale expansions of (CAG)n/(CTG)n repeats,” published in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular…