A Family Tradition - a Column by Carlos Briceño

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Carlos is a journalist in the Midwest, who through the grace of God has been blessed with a brilliant, beautiful, and courageous wife and daughter. His wife found out she was gene-positive for Huntington’s Disease (HD) at the age of 41, while his daughter found out she was gene-positive for HD when she was 22. Carlos’s aim in writing column is to offer a caregiver’s perspective while also trying to inspire those families who are dealing with Huntington’s. He loves to evangelize, read, play soccer, and share — according to family members —really bad puns. (For the record, Carlos thinks his puns are really punny and funderful.)

Another punny Valentine’s Day for my honey

My objectives in this column are to acknowledge two upcoming holidays: Valentine’s Day, which my wife, Jill, doesn’t believe in (she thinks it’s manufactured and that love should be celebrated every day), and Rare Disease Day, on Feb. 28, which raises awareness and prompts change for…

Overcoming the Guilt of Passing a Faulty Gene to Children

In 2018, my wife, Jill, started showing classic signs of Huntington’s disease (HD) — including involuntary movements, called chorea — so she decided to go through with genetic testing. After she was declared gene-positive for HD, she shared the devastating news with our daughter, Alexus. The conversation…