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HD Symptoms – Behavioral Changes

People with Huntington’s disease not only experience physical changes, marked by a loss of movement control, but also cognitive and behavioral changes.  The behavioral changes vary from patient to ... Read more

What Is Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by uncontrolled jerking and writhing movements known as chorea, loss of thinking ability, and psychiatric problems. It was first documented in 1872 by ... Read more

Physical Therapy and Huntington’s Disease

The hallmark of Huntington’s disease is difficulty with both involuntary movement, such as reflexes, and voluntary movement, such as walking. An example of an involuntary movement problem is akathisia, or ... Read more


Triheptanoin (also known as C7 oil) is an investigational medical food or supplement being developed by Inserm Tranfert, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and ICM (the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute). It aims ... Read more

Huntexil (Pridopidine)

Huntexil (pridopidine) is an investigational oral dopamine stabilizer that Teva Pharmaceuticals is developing to possibly treat symptoms of Huntington’s disease. How Huntexil works It is a dopamine stabilizer. These are molecules that bind to the ... Read more

Treatment for Huntington’s Disease

Scientists have yet to develop a cure for Huntington’s disease or a treatment that can stop its progression. But there are treatments that can help patients manage their symptoms, which ... Read more